Habitat and biodiversity

Habitat and biodiversity

For this activity we propose, using simple techniques, a short scientific investigation. In other words, field work and the analysis of data obtained regarding some of the biological and ecological aspects of algae, such as habitat and the diversity of organisms associated with them.


The activity requires the preparation of an experimental approach, the collection of different types of algae with their associated fauna, their observation under a microscope in the laboratory and their analysis. Variations to the basic proposals are possible, scientists will accompany and advise whenever required and the project can vary in duration according to the possibilities and objectives.


Research is proposed that allows the study, among other theoretical contents, of habitat, biodiversity, ecological niche, ecosystem engineers, biotic factors, abiotic factors…For primary school students, the proposal can be simplified according to the educational interests and objectives of each group.


Queries and questions that arise during the project can be posted on a forum and will be resolved by scientists.The aim, therefore, is to create a common space for sharing results, commenting on them, resolving questions and creating discussions on subjects regarding the activity between the different participants and various teams of scientists.The data from all participants will be collected so that researchers at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) can carry out, throughout the school year, a project on the fauna associated with different types of algae, which will include all of the results obtained.


Here you will find all of the information as to how to implement the project (materials, protocols, data tables, identification guide to organisms), as well as the table for recording general data (with an example), which should be studied before beginning the field work.


Collect different algae under different environmental conditions and study the fauna associated with them, later relating the diversity of organisms that live on or near the alga with its form or chemical type.

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